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Date: Wed 07/16/08 12:04PM
From: Filipos-(letna)

Message: cuz
nechtelo by se vam udelat s nama nakou ilegal kalbu v prostoru?kazdej by si postavil to svoje bylo by to aspon o vyc soundech :lol:
dejte vedet
tady web:

Date: Tue 07/1/08 7:34PM
From: kuca

Message: čest.měl by být na jinym, ale zatim se neví na jakym :)

Date: Sun 06/29/08 12:55PM
From: yabasta66

Message: ahoj nazdar,zdravím ze Zlína a chci se optat esi bude BMF4 na tom samém místě jako loni.?.btw:BCradio šlape jak hajzl!!!dik

Date: Mon 01/21/08 8:28AM
From: GulaZ

Message: K009: jasny, odpoledne ti poslu icq cislo na email. Sem rad ze sc potesil;)

Date: Sun 01/20/08 6:51PM
From: k009

Message: GulaZ, kootcha -> Máte icq? Něco vam pošlu. Jinak super ranní speedcore peklo :-)

Date: Wed 12/5/07 3:05PM
From: GulaZ

Message: More than interesting offer! We have to discuss it within the crew. I´ll let you know soon by email.

Take care!

Date: Wed 12/5/07 1:45PM
From: Sir Kaos


Greetings from Kaotik System, the Lebanese free party crew.

I will be contacting each possible crew and sending almost the same message, as im desperate about what Im gonna say. So pls don’t be surprised and don’t consider me as spam.

We are looking for sound system crew/ DJs/VJs/ performers etc etc to join our 2008 free parties in the beautiful mountains of Lebanon. Last year Les Trolles played with us and this year we want to check for new people.

Just give it a try and check it out. What you see on your TVs presented by the media is not to be compared with Lebanon’s natural beauty.

We are also discussing a possible Middle EastTEK with the Israelis in Jordan that should be a historical one if it takes place, since we want to show all haters and follows of political shit that what people do and want should be respected. We reject to be imposed upon with their regional or religious interests.

If you wish to check more on us, please join our forum at and share your knowledge with the Lebanese people, since things are a little different here, and that would be good to check as well.

We hope someone would be interested. Lebanon is simply a surprise to what you are thinking in your head now :)

P.s: we were the first to introduce breakcore to the Lebanese crowd...who's favourite was always Tiesto! surprise! Die ashhole! :)

All the best!

Kaotik System

Date: Sun 10/21/07 4:54PM
From: k009

Message: Čau kluci, tak přijedete na ty Miloušovo narozky? Někdy kolem 25.1.?

Date: Sun 10/7/07 11:28AM
From: kuca

Message: díkne

Date: Sun 08/19/07 8:12PM
From: Ichbin

Message: neco malo obrazku z bmf3 SLA

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